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UX és versenytárs kutatás

UX and competition analysis

For those who only have blurred ideas about their and their market’s online customs and values.

  • Usability website analysis
  • SEO-based competitor research
  • Online market behavior
  • UX analysis
  • Design and content analysis
  • Subjective UX

Marketing-based market research

For those who don’t know which direction they should follow in their market.

  • SWOT analysis
  • Service analysis
  • Growth path projects
  • What your competitors provide
  • What your customers want
  • What users search for
Marketing szempontú piackutatás

Website audits with eye-tracking

For those who wonder what glasses your visitors look at your site through

  • The latest UX evaluation technique
  • Eye-camera follow on websites
  • Task-tests on processes
  • Target audience based research
  • Qualitative and quantitative results
  • Purchase process analysis

Keyword research

For those who want to know what keyword they should use for better SEO and PPC result.

  • How many people search for your keywords?
  • How many competitors do you have online?
  • What are your industry’s most popular keywords?
  • What should you write about on your website?
  • We update your menu, if needed
  • We check your titles and meta descriptions


For those who don’t understand why they can’t reach the top of Google’s result lists

  • Storage and domain data
  • Code errors
  • Keywords and metas
  • Mobile-friendly site structure
  • Website speed
  • Social sites and connections

Web Analysis

For those who wonder how their visitors navigate through their website

  • Google Analytics setup
  • E-commerce measurements and webshop analysis
  • Conversion and event measurements
  • Purchase process analysis
  • In-site searches
  • Tag Manager and connections

PPC campaigns

For those who are willing to invest in an accurate, modern, effective advertising tool

  • Campaign structure and ad creation
  • Text, image and video ads
  • AdWords-audit
  • Youtube ads from 0.1$ per view
  • Cost-effective, measurable results
  • Reaching billions of users per day

Landing page and website creation

For those who are just entering the online world and those who only need some fresh air

  • Responsive, device-free websites
  • AdWords-compatible landing pages
  • Templates or unique designs
  • Fully Google-friendly sites
  • Customizable, combinable design elements
  • Content management
A/B tesztek

A/B tests

For those who want to play safe with their creative contents

  • Creative testing for campaigns
  • Website testing
  • Target audience based research
  • Eye-tracking systems
  • Newsletter testing
  • Overall reports after the test period

Online customer segment definition

For those who only want to deal with their valuable clients

  • Purchase path analysis
  • Eye-tracking systems
  • Analytic customer analysis
  • Webshop usability analysis
  • Customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Customer significance
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