Punch Rocket - 6-months Intensive Online Marketing Program

Give full rein to our 5-member online expert team and get ready for an intensive marketing energy boost! We’ll handle every problem with extra care. We’ll plan your online communication, your online presence and further processes in accordance with your business goals. In only 6 months, we’ll put your company back on track for the long haul.

Punch Rocket - 6-months Intensive Online Marketing Program

Online presence is a must!

Intensive, complete program with a professional team.


What does the Punch Rocket program contain?

Our most effective solution: keeping your online communication under control.

A complex project for those who know that cost-effectiveness is the best metrics online.


Are you the right candidate?

The Punch Rocket Program was invented for you, if...
Vajon a te vállalkozásod az ideális jelölt?

Recharge your batteries with our most effective program!

Let’s see what our 6-month cooperation’s script looks like


Az első hónapban

In the first month…

We’ll meet, analyze, plan. And get down to the strategy, shoulder to shoulder.

  • Complex consultation pack, to get to know each other better.
  • Complete audit package about your website.
  • A full screening of your social and PPC profiles.
  • SWOT analysis and service analysis about your market position
  • Competitor research to see your industry’s directions
  • Online marketing strategy

In the second month…

We’ll fix the basics. We shine the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Online target group optimization
  • Fixing the problems that surfaced during the audits
  • First steps of the strategy
  • Setting up new accounts, if needed, for Analytics, social, PPC
  • Optimizing paid appearances, ads
  • Further consultation and training
A második hónapban…
A harmadik-negyedik-ötödik hónapban…

In the third, fourth, fifth months…

Testing, experimenting, trying!

  • Eye-tracking analysis about the website
  • Analyzing the collected data, and building it into targeting
  • Fixing the website’s errors based on the eye-tracking tests
  • Also, we modify and optimize the PPC campaigns
  • Synchronizing the social directions with the results above
  • Continuous consultation and training

In the sixth month…

We’ll steel you for your independent, but constantly blossoming life in the future.

  • Continuous campaign management during the month
  • Summing up the past 6 months, reports
  • Methodology trainings
  • Helping your colleagues in the operational strategy
  • Planning your future tasks and operational plans
  • Eventually choosing subcontractors for PPC and social, if needed
A hatodik hónapban…

What happens after we’ve shot the Punch Rocket?

As our 6 months have passed, hopefully your employees will be ready to stick to the strategy alone, based on the operational plan, the consultations and the constant training.


What do you gain from our half-year-long assistance?

Briefly: exclusive, punchy online marketing results!

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